Chelsea Market

A Chelsea Market Adventure

Chelsea is one of the hippest areas of New York. The well-known neighborhood is filled with art history, it was, after all, the original theatre district of New York City. It was also officially founded by Clement Clarke Moore who wrote The Night Before Christmas. Moving into the 1960s and 1970s Chelsea was famed for

Arthur Avenue

A Taste of Arthur Avenue

New York City is many things. It’s a high-class culture capital; it’s the ghost of folk song past; it’s the hipster haven; a medieval moderation; it’s a city built by immigrants. New York City is all these things. The version of New York you experience depends on what neighborhood you’re standing in. Recently, I was

Fort George

Adventuring in New York Neighborhoods: Fort George

One thing I love about New York is that the opportunity for adventuring is endless. I’ve been living in New York City for nearly three years, yet there’s still so little of the city I’ve actually seen. There are so many cool bars and restaurants in SoHo, Lower East Side (LES), and Williamsburg that it’s

My Morning Jacket

Kentucky’s Finest Prove That Rock & Roll Is Alive And Well: My Morning Jacket

I’m embarrassed to admit that I grew up in Kentucky and know very little of My Morning Jacket; a band with Louisville origins. Until 2 years ago, I knew nothing of My Morning Jacket and Jim James. I had no idea what I was missing. My boyfriend, a longtime fan, introduced me to the band.