Adventures in La La Land: A Love Letter to Los Angeles

I’ve never written about Los Angeles and that’s always surprised me. Growing up, I felt drawn to L.A., like a sunflower to the sun, despite never visiting. Maybe it was the idea of Hollywood and my passion for films that fueled my fascination with the Southern California city. It makes sense. Last year I loved

The Hostel Life: The Good, The Bad, & The Smelly

Growing up I always imagined having that grand European adventure where my only belongings were stuffed in a backpack and I’d find lodgings in local hostels along the way. But in between those daydreams life happened and my adventure never did. Then at thirty, my opportunity for a European adventure finally arose. And for a


Girls Just Want To Have Fun: A Bachelorette Adventure

I was a little surprised with myself when I hit ‘Purchase’. I’m not the type who just buys flights on a whim. I usually purchase my flights months in advance, it’s way cheaper! Yet here I was, a week out, buying a flight home to Kentucky. The thing about last-minute flights is they lead to

Live to Adventure and Adventure to Live

Over the past few years, I’ve slowly discovered my true passion in life. You know, the thing that motivates you to keep chugging along. It’s the soul of the goal you‘re constantly striving toward. It turns out, my passion is adventuring and my goal is to adventure in as much of the world as possible.