Adventures in La La Land: A Love Letter to Los Angeles

I’ve never written about Los Angeles and that’s always surprised me. Growing up, I felt drawn to L.A., like a sunflower to the sun, despite never visiting. Maybe it was the idea of Hollywood and my passion for films that fueled my fascination with the Southern California city. It makes sense. Last year I loved

Learnin’ To Write Again: Overcoming Writer’s Block

I have so desperately wanted to write. But life is indeed like a box of chocolates. Although, personally, I’ve always been partial to the road metaphors. So let me begin. Sometimes, life takes you down certain roads that are too bumpy to write on while you’re traveling down them. Life is full of twists and

The Wandering Road of Words | Searching For Your Story

I feel like I’m always waiting; waiting for the right story, waiting for the right moment, waiting for life to come and swoop me up by the coattails and not put me down until I’ve reached my dreams. But here’s the truth: waiting gets you nowhere. The story, the moment, life, it’s all happening right