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More Than a Resort, It’s an Experience: The Sanya Edition


“This can’t be real,” I thought when I stepped inside my room at The Sanya Edition hotel in Sanya, China.

The Rooms

The bathtub was the first thing I noticed. I always judge a hotel room by its bathtubs and this one exceeded even my wildest expectations.

The Sanya Edition

As I wandered deeper into my room, I realized that my lodgings for the next 2.5 weeks were about 3 times the size of my New York City apartment. “This is where I live now,” I thought. Despite missing my boyfriend and dogs, I was happy with the circumstances.

To describe my Ocean Front Suite at The Sanya Edition resort as luxurious is an understatement. I had my own palace – king size bed, waterfall shower, elaborate bathtub, remote shades, and did I mention the hot tub on the balcony?!

I never wanted to leave my room. But when it comes to the lavish lifestyle of The Sanya Edition the rooms are merely a starting point.


The Food at The Sanya Edition

The resort features multiple restaurants. Some of my favorites were Barbacoa, an outdoor Balinese restaurant which has the best coconut pudding you will ever taste in your life and the loveliest of chefs, I Made. Another favorite was Egret, which served a spare rib that could start wars. Then, of course, there’s The Market, which offers a daily breakfast and lunch buffet that surpasses any other I’ve ever visited. The Market is run by the tremendously talented Chef Jordy. I’m still salivating over the lamb chops. Not once during my stay did I walk away disappointed. In fact, I usually wobbled away because the food was too good to stop eating.

The Spa

Aside from the food, The Sanya Edition also has a gorgeous spa facility. Not only did I enjoy the steam room, sauna, and pool, but I had the 90-minute Bamboo massage and I swear to you I came out of it a new person. The spa facilities are top-notch and the perfect blend of Zen and extravagance. Every guest I spoke with raved that this spa was among the best they ever visited.


Activities at The Sanya Edition

As for on-resort activities, there are multiple pools including a salt water pool (sandy beach included), a kid’s pool with water slides (that I may or may not have tested), and a rooftop pool at Sky Bar that overlooks the resort. While at Sky Bar be sure to ask for Mike and one of his famous Swizzlers, or, if you’re feeling brave ask for a Bunny! The resort also offers a full gym, water sports, bumper cars (!) and beach access.

Each morning I went for a swim in the saltwater pool and then walked down to the beach for a front row seat to the spectacular sunrise.

Sunrise at The Sanya Edition


New Friends at The Sanya Edition

While all of these features are amazing and make the resort worth visiting, the real star of The Sanya Edition is the incredible hospitality. From the moment we arrived, the staff welcomed us into their home and treated my coworkers and I like we were part of the family. Even when our American habits would flare, like asking for 10 iced lattes in the span of 10 minutes, the staff remained kind and patient.

I must give a special shout out to my friend Helen who made an effort to get to know every guest that arrived at the resort. Not only did Helen take the time to get to know everyone, but she made sure everyone wanted for nothing. She even brought me aloe for my sunburn, which they didn’t keep on the resort. Even after my sunburn subsided and I tried to return the aloe for the next guest in need, Helen refused to take it back and insisted I keep it just in case. So, now this aloe is living in my New York City apartment. Every time the sun gets the best of me, I will think of my friend Helen.

I must also compliment my friends at The Market, Aakriti, Wisdom, Elliot, and all the others who made sure I had all of the cappuccinos, iced lattes, and ice cream you could ever want. Their warm welcome each morning made my days a little bit brighter. And their lack of judgment at my sloppy eating habits was a sign of true friendship. 

Also, a special thank you must be made to the management team, Xavi, Kelly, and Elsa Li, who have truly built the perfect team and a flawless environment for their guests. Well done.

Years from now when I reminisce on my time spent at The Sanya Edition, I will, of course, remember the tremendous luxury and that jaw dropping bathtub, but the memory that will warm my heart the most is the people I met at The Sanya Edition who inevitably became friends.

I can’t imagine a better resort experience.


The Sanya Edition

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Following a five-year stint in New York City, Ashley is now a Los Angeles transplant. Having grown up in rural Kentucky, Ashley is passionate to share self-care techniques used around the world and hopes to make them accessible to folks in rural communities. Ashley believes in gratitude, personal legends, and doing good. Aside from being a business leader in her professional life, Ashley is a novelist and freelance writer.

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