• A Tourist in New York City
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    Being A Tourist in New York City

    The first time I came to New York City, I was 14 years old. My grandmother died the day before I left. Still, my mom urged me to go, knowing how excited my grandma had been for me to see this grand city. So, I went. I explored the city with my friends and classmates. I saw all the biggest sights the city had to offer. During that trip, I stood on top of the Twin Towers, a landmark that would be stolen from the city a mere 5 months later. The most important thing about that trip was that it changed my life forever. I wasn’t sure how I…

  • Sunshine
    Mind, Body & Spirit

    Share Your Sunshine

    We live in a chaotic world; a world where we’re surrounded by horrors, tragedy, and sadness. Each week, I find myself wondering how did things get so bad? Then the following week something even worse happens that highlights the ugliness of the world. In times like these, it’s our responsibility to continue striving to make the world a more beautiful, loving, and happy place. Within every person exists a special gift that brings joy to other people. Maybe you’re great at telling jokes and breaking up tense situations. Perhaps you’re a logistical master and can help others see the way out of the toughest situations. Whatever your gift is, it’s…

  • Chelsea Market
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    A Chelsea Market Adventure

    Chelsea is one of the hippest areas of New York. The well-known neighborhood is filled with art history, it was, after all, the original theatre district of New York City. It was also officially founded by Clement Clarke Moore who wrote The Night Before Christmas. Moving into the 1960s and 1970s Chelsea was famed for the rock stars residing in the infamous Chelsea Hotel including Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, and Janis Joplin among many others. Chelsea is known for being many things – gorgeous, artistic, gentrified – but mostly, Chelsea is just cool. On my recent adventure to Chelsea, I explored Chelsea Market, a hub for local artists and vendors.…

  • On To Adventure

    The Hostel Life: The Good, The Bad, & The Smelly

    Growing up I always imagined having that grand European adventure where my only belongings were stuffed in a backpack and I’d find lodgings in local hostels along the way. But in between those daydreams life happened and my adventure never did. Then at thirty, my opportunity for a European adventure finally arose. And for a few nights in the Netherlands, I got my hostel life experience. Backpacking through Europe and staying at hostels felt like a rite of passage. It’s just one of those things you do when you’re young and hungry to see the world. While thirty might not be the age of a spring chick, I say to…

  • Arthur Avenue
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    A Taste of Arthur Avenue

    New York City is many things. It’s a high-class culture capital; it’s the ghost of folk song past; it’s the hipster haven; a medieval moderation; it’s a city built by immigrants. New York City is all these things. The version of New York you experience depends on what neighborhood you’re standing in. Recently, I was standing on the corner of Arthur Avenue in The Bronx, ready to explore the real Little Italy of New York. A Bronx Tale If you love The Godfather Trilogy as much as I do, Arthur Avenue is the way you want to envision New York. It’s a community that thrives on the streets. Family owned…

  • bachelorette
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    Girls Just Want To Have Fun: A Bachelorette Adventure

    I was a little surprised with myself when I hit ‘Purchase’. I’m not the type who just buys flights on a whim. I usually purchase my flights months in advance, it’s way cheaper! Yet here I was, a week out, buying a flight home to Kentucky. The thing about last-minute flights is they lead to the greatest adventures. This adventure was personal.  I was returning home to celebrate the finale of my best friend’s Bachelorette-hood. My best friend and I date back Before Puberty (B.P.). Felicia is the girl I sat on the back of the school bus with mapping out our entire lives. She’s the person who stood beside…