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Setting New Year’s Goals and How To Keep Them

Setting goals for the New Year is easy, keeping them is the challenge. But the challenge is half the fun! Don’t let yourself off easy. You can be the person you want to be and do all those things you strive to do. Like the building of any structure, you need to put a plan in place before you begin. Mapped out below is a blueprint for your New Year’s success. Cheers to you!

Note: Not all of these steps may be for you. That’s okay! We’re all different. That’s part of the beauty of our universe, but make sure you follow the important ones.

Future Self Meditation

The first step in getting your goals in line is figuring out what you want your life to look like in the future. That way you have a clear vision of what you’re working toward. Go on YouTube and type in ‘Future Self Meditation’. There’s plenty to choose from. I’ve included the first one I tried. Choose your own adventure. I imagine they all take you to the same place, a visualization of your future self, the version of you your heart most desires. This visualization exercise helped me sort through my hopes and dreams and concentrate on what matters most. What does your life look like ten years from now? I dare you to find out!

Dry January

Again, skip it if this isn’t for you. Or feel free to jump on board even if your January hasn’t been completely dry. This is my first year trying it, but I’ve watched friends do it and I’ve yet to see evidence that giving your body one month off from toxins does any harm. Aside from the health benefits, it helps you to reset your focus and put your plan in action to accomplish those New Year’s goals. 

Create Habits

It takes time to form new habits, anywhere from 18-254 days. To accomplish your goals you have to change some of your habits. That’s not easy, but how badly do you want to get to the top of that mountain? When it comes down to it, creating good habits is the key to all of this. If you want to run a marathon, you have to train. If you want to write a novel, you have to take the time to actually write it. If you want to lose ten pounds, you should cut out the soda and sweets and get to moving. Nothing will be handed to you. Besides, you don’t want it to be easy because success is so much sweeter when you’ve sweated for it. 

Make Time For Your Goals

We touched on this a little, but digging deeper, you have to make time for your goals. That either means getting up earlier. Before sunrise is my favorite time of day. It feels like you’re part of a secret universe while the world around you sleeps. I find that time to be very peaceful. It’s when I’m most creative. Some folks are night-owls and spread their creative wings when the moon is full and the sky is lit with stars. Day, night, or in-between, you have to make time for your goals. That may mean cutting back on Netflix or staying inside on a beautiful day. Time is non-negotiable. That doesn’t mean all of your waking hours have to go towards your goals. But you do need to set aside at least an hour a day. It’s time well spent.

Set Attainable Goals

I’m not encouraging you to shrink your dreams. Dream as BIG as you can! But recognize the difference between a one-year goal and a five-year goal. Writing a screenplay is attainable. Winning the Oscar next year for that same screenplay is not. Both are possible, but they require different amounts of time. I work off of two goals lists: 2020 Goals and 10 Year Goals. You should have both. Be realistic about which list your goals belong to.

Dive Right In

There’s no better time to start than now. Write out your plan and get moving. Commit yourself to a better you. You’re not getting anywhere by procrastinating. 

Celebrate Your Victories

Reaching your goals, or even making strides toward your goals is a huge accomplishment. It takes a lot of work and personal discipline. This means when you hit a major milestone, celebrate! Treat yourself to something special. Pop a bottle of champagne! Make the time to celebrate your victories. Like giving dogs a treat, positive reinforcement can help us change our own behaviors. 

Now go out there and show 2020 who you are!

Following a five-year stint in New York City, Ashley is now a Los Angeles transplant. Having grown up in rural Kentucky, Ashley is passionate to share self-care techniques used around the world and hopes to make them accessible to folks in rural communities. Ashley believes in gratitude, personal legends, and doing good. Aside from being a business leader in her professional life, Ashley is a novelist and freelance writer.

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