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    La Vie Est Belle

    If I had to sum up myself at thirty in one word that word would be happy. I don’t use that word lightly. I’ve known sadness, depression, uncertainty, contentment, and even periods of extended joy. But I’d never known consistent happiness until this year. I say that having always been known for my optimism, but, still, in past years I would’ve never described myself as happy.  There were many obstacles standing between me and happiness: low self-esteem, constant self-doubt, insecurity, a fear of leaving unhealthy relationships, a fear of disappointing others, and most importantly a fear of disappointing myself. What it all boiled down to was I was fearful of…

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    Share Your Sunshine

    We live in a chaotic world; a world where we’re surrounded by horrors, tragedy, and sadness. Each week, I find myself wondering how did things get so bad? Then the following week something even worse happens that highlights the ugliness of the world. In times like these, it’s our responsibility to continue striving to make the world a more beautiful, loving, and happy place. Within every person exists a special gift that brings joy to other people. Maybe you’re great at telling jokes and breaking up tense situations. Perhaps you’re a logistical master and can help others see the way out of the toughest situations. Whatever your gift is, it’s…

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    The Secret of Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is a city with a secret. I knew it the second I stepped out of the train station and into the streets. There was a feeling in the air and a certain look on the faces of the passing cyclists. I was instantly intrigued. I knew these people weren’t all vacationing like myself. These folks were locals and they looked happy. Within moments of my arrival I realized I wasn’t in Amsterdam simply to explore a new land. I was there to learn the secret of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Way of Life  Amsterdam has a lot of history. You’re reminded of it by the statues decorating the streets and…

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    A Trip Into The Infinite Abyss: On Letting Go

    The moon was full and still hanging over the city when I disappeared into the night. I felt the lights, the noise, and the skyscrapers moving further away from me; or perhaps, I was leaving them. I’d listened to the same song on repeat nearly 10 times, which is a pretty proud feat for 4 AM. For the first time, in a very long time, it felt like I was leaving nothing. I had nothing left to run from. I was just leaving, disappearing into the night. And I desperately needed to go. I love the city, it’s my home, it owns my heart, but sometimes you need to vanish…