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    Girls Just Want To Have Fun: A Bachelorette Adventure

    I was a little surprised with myself when I hit ‘Purchase’. I’m not the type who just buys flights on a whim. I usually purchase my flights months in advance, it’s way cheaper! Yet here I was, a week out, buying a flight home to Kentucky. The thing about last-minute flights is they lead to the greatest adventures. This adventure was personal.  I was returning home to celebrate the finale of my best friend’s Bachelorette-hood. My best friend and I date back Before Puberty (B.P.). Felicia is the girl I sat on the back of the school bus with mapping out our entire lives. She’s the person who stood beside…

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    Kentucky’s Finest Prove That Rock & Roll Is Alive And Well: My Morning Jacket

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I grew up in Kentucky and know very little of My Morning Jacket; a band with Louisville origins. Until 2 years ago, I knew nothing of My Morning Jacket and Jim James. I had no idea what I was missing. My boyfriend, a longtime fan, introduced me to the band. He was shocked, that I, who proudly educates everyone she meets on Kentucky knowing’s was clueless of the incredible musical talent that came out of my home state. I slowly started to learn about Jim James. His talent was undeniable. I started with his work on The New Basement Tapes in which he and a…

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    In A New York Minute

    It was a rainy Saturday night. I was in my favorite red dress and shredded denim jacket, which after 13 years has become somewhat of a staple of my existence. I sipped a cold can of Brooklyn Lager and scarfed down fried chicken with two of my best gals. We were beyond overdressed for this local chicken hut at nearly midnight, but we didn’t care, it was good. Our laughter overpowered all of the other chatter happening throughout the restaurant. And we weren’t even drunk. We were simply high on each other’s company. We chatted and gossiped. They traded theories on various Game of Thrones storylines, while I tried to…

    On Relationships

    On Heartbreak: Takin’ It One Day at a Time

    Last Saturday night, during winter storm Jonas, I watched Lola Versus in the company of my two dogs. I used to fantasize about nights like that. For so long, I was always “with someone” and, every now and then, I just wanted to be alone; and I always felt guilty for wanting that. Saturn Return If you haven’t seen the movie, it opens with a discussion about the Saturn Return. Somewhere around our 29th birthday, Saturn makes its first full orbit since our birth. This is believed to be a growing period, a rebirth of sorts, the true crossing point between adolescence and adulthood. Since I’m two weeks shy of my 29th birthday, and…

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    Now and Then

    It’s often said that “You can’t go home again,” once you leave, it’s no longer the same. I’ve never found this to be true. For me, returning home is always the same – a glimpse of the past. Despite everything and everyone changing, it always feels like no time’s passed. I spent a lot of my youth and young adult life despising the place I grew up. From the time I moved there, I couldn’t wait to leave. But now, having been gone for nearly a decade, I’m able to see the beauty of the place I call home. My recent trip home was a special kind of oddity. My trip landed…